Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today was Helka's birthday party!

Today our Helka turned 23 years old! We had a big party at the coffee shop and all dressed up in silly costumes. Helka was a fairy and so I decided to be "the Fairy's Godmother". Haha! Ola, she came dressed as the devil, Ignacy was a sweet birthday present, Lindy was a human gumball machine, Katie was a kittie, Leo was an angel (not too far a stretch for that sweet little boy) and Renia and Leszek were cowboys! It was great fun just to watch us all enjoy being together. Helka let Leo help her blow out her candles, and I just loved watching her with all her friends and family around. My feet are sore and my hip hurts (some new thing that happens now I am old) but I will go to bed today happy that we celebrated Helka and her sweet spirit.
It was Helka's day and it was a good day! Happy Birthday Helka...Love you!

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