Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I just love our volunteers

We have volunteers. I need volunteers. In fact, it is easy to say that I could NOT have coffee shops if it were not for the hard working volunteers who help run the places. I thought you might want to know just a little about them.

Katie is from California. When she got off the plane in Poland for the first time she had blue nail polish on her toes and a tan. (People in Poland do not paint their toes blue.) When she came to us I think she was a little shy. She is not shy anymore. This girl can COOK! She has recently taken the helm in Poznan as the head cook. She has proven that she is talented and creative. I love Katie and her happy smile and the way she tugs at her ear when she is thinking about something. Katie is warm and loving and FUN!

Brittany and Aaron arrived just two months ago. They are an amazing young couple who have put their lives on hold to serve here in Poland. Brit is a coffee FANATIC and is always in search of the perfect shot. She is, as she refers to herself, a "coffee nerd". Her Starbucks background and coffee shop talents have brought some amazing new drinks and tricks to our shop. Her husband, Aaron, is an amazing help anywhere in the shop. He is creative and talented at so many different things. He is a hard worker and just cannot stand to sit still very long!

These people give up their lives in the USA and come here to share Christ with those around them. They raise their own funds which means our shops do not have to pay for the benefit of hiring them. They work hard, long hours and they make themselves new homes in places far away from family. They give up their cars and homes and they learn to ride public transportation. They deal with language barriers and culture shock, but they just keep showing up.

We have a big Tea party at the Poznan shop on Saturday. It will be a great time for women in our community. Most of all it will be exciting to see our team pull together and yet another time provide a great benefit to the people who live around us.