Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our shop is OPEN!

Dear Friends!

This is Helka. Mama Rhonda left to the States right after Easter. I just want to let you know that our SWEET SURRENDER coffee shop is finally open. I am sure that mom will write you more about all the struggles we had to go through to open our shop and it will be a GREAT testimony of God's faithfulness.

Here is our Sweet Crew:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My girls...

I have lovely Polish daughters. They are daughters that I chose. They were not born through my body but instead they were born of my heart! When I came to Poland I needed them and God was good, he brought them to me.

This is Ania. She is my oldest Polish daughter. She is smart and lovely. She is studying to get her M.A. in English. She runs the English club at our coffee shop and takes care of so many details of running the shop. I have watched her grow into such a wonderful and warm woman of God, she brings me such joy. She is loyal and so faithful to her Dad and I, she lets us tell her what she needs to hear and is always learning and growing. One thing I love about Ania is how giving she is to others. She never hesitates, she just gives from her heart. She has been with me a long time now and she anticipates what I will say or do about something. Ania knits and for Christmas she made me the most wonderful, warm blue scarf. I trust Ania. She has keys to our entire lives and I like that way. You could not separate us from one another!

This is Helka. She is my second Polish daughter. When she came to me she had some broken places in her life. God has healed so many of them in recent days. Helka could be a supermodel but has chosen to work in the coffee shop ministry because she wants God's will in her life. She is humble and yet confident. She is so funny and makes me laugh. She loves to tell me secrets, and we can giggle together like two little girls. She is so much like me in her personality. She is usually trying to do three or four things at one time. I love watching her with Leo, her nephew. I know when I watch her with him that she will be a good mom. The thing I love about Helka is that when she chooses something she pours her whole heart into doing it. She can accomplish so much in just one day. She loves my dog Ollie like he is her own, that's why I can leave him with her when I go to the states for a visit. At Christmas Helka made me a pretty silver bracelet with pictures of our family and she and Ania are both on it. I treasure Helka. She is precious!

Just yesterday a stranger said to one of my girls that she "must be our daughter", and she said "yes".

That made me smile.

I love my girls.
Be good while I am away girls! ;)