Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Ghost of Thanksgiving past...

I know that everyone has already done the whole Thanksgiving post and has moved on, but because my blog is new I just didn't get a chance. We had such a great time that I wanted to keep in mind the evening and the many special friends who shared it.

We had 14 for dinner that evening and we hosted at our shop. I set a VERY LONG table and it just looked so lovely and warm. We have two volunteers who are working here in Poland with us, Katie and Lindy. When Katie saw the table that evening she almost cried and she said "oh, it just like home!" Then, I almost cried...

Living in Poland, so very far from home, can be a challenge at these times. As an American it feels very strange to celebrate a holiday that for everyone here is just another work day. Many times my husband and I are tempted not to celebrate those "American" holidays and to just stick with those that are celebrated here. However, when we have volunteers we do feel it is important to create a sense of normalcy for them and to celebrate when we can.

We were surprised that some of our Polish friends actually wanted to celebrate with us, and so that evening there we were Polish and American celebrating an opportunity to give thanks. The whole evening was spent as a family, playing and laughing and eating together. In the background you could hear an old football game between BSU and OU. It was just LOVELY and something I will never forget. By the way, we were unable to find a whole turkey and so our was cooked in parts, the breasts and the thighs. No one seemed to notice. :) We had two types of stuffing, mashed poatatoes and cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and so much more.

What am I thankful for that is worth noting? I am most thankful for my husband, my children, and our extended family which includes those from America but also Africa, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway and Poland. These people have loved us and taken us in, in spite of our cultural differences. Our lives are enriched because of the diversity of our life experiences.

So, as the Ghost of Thanksgiving past dances through my thoughts I feel so blessed. Blessed to have such a rich life. ABUNDANCE INDEED! Isn't our table lovely?

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