Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Christmas party

Tonight we had our Community Christmas party! There were lots of goodies and Christmas cheer. There was an amazing guitarist, and a vocalist with a piano player who came. We sold some art and a few things for charity and people drank lots of coffee, cider and chocolate. I saw lots of people that I love and there were some great moments.

I like the way the shop sparkles with all the Christmas lights on. I also like that people can see inside the shop when the tram stops just in front of our windows. The passengers stare longingly at the warmth of our place and wish they could be inside.

Tonight a young lady came into the shop all alone. She asked some questions and met several of our people. She is a psychology student who is new to Poznan. I could tell after talking to her that she is lonely. She met my friend Kinga and right away they hit it off. I found her talking with Kinga and Kasia in the wallpaper room this evening like long lost friends. She found the shop because she saw us from the tram and wondered what such a place must be like. Just before she left this young woman told me how happy she was that she had taken the chance and come inside, she didn't think there was another shop like our in all of Poland! She promised to return.

I was tired this evening and I didn't really feel like having a party. If I had not been there I wouldn't have met my new friend. I would never have seen the wonder on her face as she saw the shop for the first time. I hope I never forget that reaction.

Our shop exists for people to see Jesus. You can feel Him when you walk in the door. The spirit of God is even in the walls of the place. I love that!


Helky said...

I saw at Lissa's blog that you already know how to comment as a City Hen! Congrats mom! love you!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh how I love your blog. I love this post too! It made me tear up and also made me wish I could stop in your beautiful and welcoming coffee shop.

I just found your blog after seeing you post a comment on Lissa from Humble Pie. I can tell you would be a wonderful and warm friend.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas celebrating Christ's birth.

Lee Ann