Monday, December 14, 2009

City new blog

I am a City Hen.

I prefer the busy streets of the city and having everything close at hand. I love the flow and rhythm of the life here. I like living in an old building and hearing my neighbors when they come in and go out. (My neighbor upstairs is 96 years old!) I like knowing the people that live around me, and saying "hello" when we meet each other on the cobblestone streets. I like living on the third floor high above the street where I can keep an eye on all that happens down below. (I do NOT like hauling bottled water up three flights of stairs! ;) I like leaving the doors and windows open in the summer because no one can get in when I live so high above the ground!

I have not always been a City Hen. Not long ago we lived in Texas where I lived in a big four bedroom house. There were far too many toilets to clean there and it seemed like our family spread out all over the house. We used the air conditioner year round, and it seemed it was always hot. We drove everywhere we went and we could not just walk to the store to get milk. The suburbs were different. I very rarely saw my neighbors and it was hard to tell what the rhythm of that place was.

I live now in Poznan, Poland. My husband and I have built two coffee shops and are starting on our third. The name of the shops is Sweet Surrender. They are lovely places to spend time with friends and family.

You can take a look at the shops on

We have a shop in Gdansk and a shop in Poznan. We are working on a third location in Krakow. I really like my job with coffee shops. I love to design, decorate and then open these shops and spend time with our customers and clients. We have decorated our shops with vintage items from the Polish Flea Market, a FANTASTIC PLACE!!! I can't wait to show you pictures of our bargains. Ilove thrift shopping and re-purposing items which have been discarded. This old hen has been in the trash bin a few times!

My children live in the United States. I am about to be a grandmother for a second time. My youngest daughter is in University. She visits us regularly but we still miss our kids. So we have adopted the young people who work with us as our family. My beautiful adopted daughter, Helka is the one who helped me with my blog. (Thanks Helka!) I am a mother hen who has many little chicks and I love them each differently. I want to tell you about them.

I want to write about life here, and what it is like to live in the city. I also want to share my family which grows each week, and what it is like to build a business from the ground up. I want to tell you about all of my friends. My life is so different now from what it was. God has truly taken us on an amazing journey. I can't wait to be begin. So back to the beginning...

I am a City Hen!


Helky said...

yeyyy! your first blog, mom!!! your first note! I am the first one commenting it!:))) You are special. My best friend. You are a mother hen and I am a little chick and you teach me how to fly [I know that chicks don't fly, but yours do! and that's why you are so special!]

D'Anna said...

I am so excited to find your blog! I live in Smolensk, Russia - and have wanted to do something like you are doing w/the coffee shops! I would LOVE to hear more, more, more!
God Bless You!