Saturday, January 9, 2010

Home is where the heart is...

We have been in Poland now three years. We are currently living in a flat two floors above the coffee shop we are building in Poznan. This next year will bring many changes for us. We are hoping to open a third location of "Sweet Surrender Coffee Shops" in Krakow and in Copenhagen, Denmark. This will mean a lot more travel for us.

I have a love/hate relationship with my current apartment. It is lovely in so many ways. The high ceilings with the ornate plaster moldings are beautiful.I love the original wood floors that are 100 years old. I love the painted bead board in our hallways and bathrooms. I love the BIG windows which fill my flat with so much light. I love the terrace outside my kitchen where I grow herbs and geraniums in the summer.

I hate walking three flights of stairs with heavy things like water, and laundry detergent.
I wish I had a dishwasher. I don't like my miniature oven. The big windows which let in the light are over 100 years old and they let in all the cold as well, and all the dirt. We live on a very busy street in the city and so it is very noisy where we are, lots of trams and cars etc.

SOOO...we are moving. We will have an apartment which has a dishwasher, is modern, new and clean. It does have an outdoor space and the oven is regular size. The kitchen is shiny and new, I really love that! There is an elevator and underground parking for the car so we will not have to hunt for a parking space. The only drawback to the new place is the space issue. I am giving up a place that had three bedrooms for a place that has one. The living area is small and our very large MUST have sofa will fit but will not leave room for much more.

It is funny how life changes for us over time. At one time I dreamed of having an apartment in the city, right in the hustle and bustle of life. Original wood floors and bead board with high ornate ceilings would have been frosting on the cake. Today, I long for a quiet place away from the noise where I can find rest. I am trading an historical building for a modern large apartment complex, a new kitchen for an old kitchen, parking for no parking.

Still, in the back of my mind I wonder if I am doing the right thing... what do you think?


Helky said...

2. Modern is not your style mommy.
3. You're gonna be far away from the city! I mean that area is not even Poznan.
4. You're gonna be far away from me (I know... that's selfish:)
5. I will miss your Ollie bear and he will miss his Helka (that's less selfish, huh?)
6. You don't need a dishwasher. I told you I can wash all of your dishes! :)))
7. Ohh... have no more arguments right now...
8. I need to add my vicking war cry at the end "Aaarrrrgggghhhh! not moving!!!".

D'Anna said...

I know what you mean about the charm of the old apts. I lived in an older apt in Moscow and loved the huge windows, big trees that gave green in the summer and were covered in snow in the winter! The noise was horrible - and I had to dust just about every other day . . . it was that dirty with the windows opened (and we leave ours opened year-round for ventilation.)
We live in a more modern apt - but I still lack a dish washer (oh, my dry dry hands) and my oven is . . . well, a metal box with an open fire at the bottom! OUCH!
May God bless you as you move - give you peace and wonderful neighbors and LOVE!

BTW - I love your bedroom and BED!!!! Just beautiful!
and, I couldn't help but notice your wonderful MIXER in your kitchen!!! Does it work on your voltage? What kind is it?

Helky said...

If you move, then we have to change the name of your blog :) you will be "Out-of-City Hen" :PPPP

Beth said...

Looks like Helky does not want you all to move! :)
Sending you my best wishes for a smooth transition to your new place.
Let us know how it goes.


city hen said...

Ha! Helka is highly resistant to change of any kind. However, our new place WILL be in the city, just not in the downtown area. HOORAY! However, on the bonus side my apartment building is just across the street from two nice shopping malls.
Thanks for the well wishes! :)

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I think your apartment is utterly charming! I suppose it's easy for me, since I'm not living there. I lived in a third floor tiny apartment in Chicago, and I remember carrying up groceries, laundry, etc. Found your blog through Rural Revival. Nice to meetcha!

Helky said...

My dearest Soon-Out-of-City-Hen mom! If you move, than I will help you with packing. You can count on me. I might still whine about your decision, but will be fine. As long as you stay in Poznan :) love you :*

Rural Revival said...

I can't say I would be too crazy about carrying the groceries up to the third floor, even if it was just for two of us; amd a dishwasher...well I hope I never have to go without that either! : )

You can contact me at

Congrats on the win, I can't wait to send you your package!

Be well! ~Andrea~

Tina said...

Hi Rhonda! Thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment!
We had some friends that lived in Poznan for a time, but they moved two and a half years ago.
I look forward to following your adventures in Poznan!! =)

Jenny said...

Oh what a sweet blog! I'm glad I found it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda;
Your old apt. looks so charming, I would hate to leave it...however, if I couldn't get better windows and a bigger oven, I guess I'd want to move too!
I'm enjoying your blog for the first time and planning to visit frequently. I don't have a blog and am not computer-savy, so sending "anonymously".
Cheers, Karen (Rural Revival's mom)

Farmgirl Paints said...

I'm a country girl, so I say go for it...but Helky will be very upset indeed:( Love the high ceilings and charm of your current place. Thanks for sharing.

Lindy Bennett said...

I heard your new apartment comes with a FANTABULOUS (already assembled) Christmas Tree too!! Why didn't you mention that in your blog?? ;)

Jackie said...

Your downtown apartment looks so charming but I could see why you would want to move. Good luck with the transition to the new place and can't wait to see more pictures of it. I always liked the "idea" of living in an apartment in the city somewhere but I'm not sure I'd really like it...kind of attached to my garden (grin).

Have a great day.