Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today is a lazy Saturday in Poznan. My hubby (soulmate) and I are huddled on the sofa wrapped in warm quilts and reading our email and the news. It is cold outside and the snow just does not seem to go away. I am drinking my latte from my new red Starbucks mug. HAPPY!

Anyway, it has just been decided that today we will go and shop for a soft and cozy ottoman to go with our Italian MUST HAVE, HUGE sofa. This sofa is a wrap around dealy with the softest microfiber fabric that feels like suede. I have always been very picky about sofas and this is not one I would normally choose. However, when you lie upon this wonderful piece of furniture you feel like you are floating on a cloud! There is also the added bonus that the fabric is like magic when you clean it and almost anything comes off, and I mean ANYTHING!(no details, but we do have a puppy) We had this sofa cleaned several months ago and it still looks like new, even though we have had it for three years. I love it!

I told you I am considering moving and this new purchase is part of our move. We want hubby to be able to put his feet up at night and something to put computers on, trays etc... So now I am sitting on the sofa dreaming of a HUGE furniture store I know of in town. Torture for hubby, heaven for me!

How is your Saturday morning going?


D'Anna said...

The new couch sounds great! I'm dreaming of the day when my husband and I won't have to open and close ours everyday (it is also our bed) and we'll have a real BED again! : )
My morning has been very productive - cleaned the apt - stripped the bed and letting them air - making lentil soup and now, cheese sandwiches!
It's time for LUNCH!
Happy Shopping

Jackie said... furniture sounds great. We are in the middle of remodeling our 40 year old home so no furniture for us until the big projects are finished. My Saturday morning is going to be spent painting a bathroom. Fun stuff (grin)! Hope you have or had fun shopping.


Lindy Bennett said...

I heard matching new furniture with Christmas tress can be quite a difficult task! Good luck ;)

Helky said...


beachy keen girl said...

ohhhh new furniture sounds like fun :) and fabric that anything comes out of sounds awesome!

my saturday is good so far. i went on a little lunch date with my son and maybe heading out to target soon (maybe)!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Good! We've already went to the gym to burn some calories and came home and took a steamy bath...heaven:) Have fun furniture dreaming!

Lissa said...

we went to the gym, took my oldest to get a hair cut. I should be cleaning but i'm feeling very lazy! I love the ottoman idea! Very comfy!

princess said...

why all men find a nightmare going shopping and women find just like heaven? I thought it was just abouto my husband.
Please let me know where is the paradise furniture shopping!!!