Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Coffee Night

Black Coffee Night was the first time our shop held a Coffee tasting for the public. We sampled five coffees from around the world. There was a Costa Rican, Ethiopian, Brazilian,Indonesian, and Sumatran. We invited all our customers. Our volunteer Brittany did a seminar on coffee and then we had an actual "cupping" and coffee tasting.

In many ways tasting coffee is like wine tasting. There are different flavors and different characteristics of the coffee. The place where the coffee is grown, how it is grown and how it is roasted all help determine the final product. When you taste coffee you do so with a loud "SLURP" so as to help spread the coffee around the mouth for a fuller and more accurate taste. It was really fun to see our customers trying to figure out how to slurp the coffee!

During this event we had froends from the local TV station who came and shot a story on our shop. The above video is the result. Though it is in Polish you can see what a coffee tasting looks like. The narrator does say how much he enjoys our shop and it was a four minute segment that aired last Sunday on TV in our area!


Unknown said...

just your Canadian friend saying hello and sending you love.

hope all is well


Lois B said...

What a GREAT video!