Thursday, August 26, 2010

New shop in Krakow

OK, OK! It has been a while since my last post. Time has flown by and there has been so much to say but no time at all to say it! I have just returned from Krakow where we have begun work on the third Sweet Surrender Coffee Shop!

It is an amazing space in an old renovated flour mill. This building houses the first ever "Loft style apartments" in Krakow. The location is just a block from Schindler's Munition Factory (Do you remember the movie "Schindler's List"?)which houses a new memorial museum. We are in the old Jewish quarter which is called "Kazimierz".

The interior of our new space is old exposed red brick and cement. We went to work right away trying to bring some warmth and some life to this space. We had the help of a team of people from Pittsburgh, California who helped us. They came and spent two weeks doing a hard labor of love for the people of Poland. When they left we had lighting and plumbing and painting and that had been done.

Our shops have always existed to show people the light of the world, Jesus Christ. As I readied to leave Krakow I walked through the partially finished interior. I thought about all the people who will sit in our beautiful soft sofas and drink a warm, sweet cup of coffee. They may not be familiar with our strategy but for sure they will feel the very presence of Christ as they walk in our store.

We have prayed in each shop that the very presence of Christ would dwell within the very walls. We hope that each person who walks in the door senses a physical reaction to the place.

In Poznan our shop continues to gain momentum. Just a few days ago we had a newspaper reporter who came to the shop without telling us she was there. Then that weekend she printed a review of our place in the Poznan Gazette. The glowing review stated that she understood exactly what we were going for when she described our place as warm and so inviting, not just a coffee shop but a place of rest.

At this my heart sings! :)


Splendid Things said...

So good to hear! i was just thinking about you this morning. Glad to get a new report. by the way, we are living in austin now.

Rural Revival said...

Congratulations on the glowing reiew and best wishes for continued successes at the third coffee shop. I hope I can visit one of them some day. That would be...sweet! : )

Hugs ~Andrea~

Helky said...

I think I love your blog again, mom :)