Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Special Occasions

Hello, this is Helka (Rhonda's Polish daughter). Mom is so busy lately so I asked her if I can write on her blog. I wanted mom to share these pictures with you, but she had no time (busy mom!:)). It was our special party for our neighbor.

We stole some ideas from your wonderful blogs. Shredded paper is from Lissa's.

We made the birds from a VERY old music sheets (like 50 ys old)! Thanks Mr. Wagner! No one at the shop could play your beautiful music so we turned your heritage into the birds. They look awesome!

The food was made by our new cook from Kansas! Yummy!

So many parties ahead! And we open the shop very soon! Finally! Yeyyy!


Rural Revival said...

Everything looks lovely, and yummy! I wish I was there!


Splendid Things said...

Wow! That looks so pretty and yummy!!!
Rhonda, I think about Jackson and the sweet lady that bought the shoes almost everyday~

beachy keen girl said...

Everything looks divine! Great job. I love those music sheet birds -- cute!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos...if the food tastes half as good as it looks it must be amazing! May I ask what the dessert is in the wine glasses?
Karen (Rural Revival's Mom)

city hen said...

Hi Karen!
The dessert is called Panna Cotta. It is about like Creme Brule without the sugar coating. It is YUMMMMYY!!! :)

Sammy said...

My goodness! She can cook fancy!